Admission Regulations

  1. Application should be done online through the Online Application System (OAS) by visiting this website or By Downloading Application Form then fill the form and submit to the college admission officer .Applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements may be selected.
  2. Selected candidates are required to report for an orientation program which normally takes place during the first week of the new academic year.
  3. Deadline for registration of new students shall be two weeks from the first date of the orientation week while for continuing students it will be Friday of the second week after the beginning of a semester.
  4. Moreover, admission shall be granted to students only if they produce evidence of payment (Bank pay in slip) of at least half of the fee to the Institute Bursar.
  5. All students are required to conform entirely to Institute regulations and by-laws.
  6. Except in special circumstances, no student shall be allowed to change a course which he/she has been admitted to.
  7. No change of names by students will be entertained during the course of study and they will only be allowed to use names appearing on the certificates.
  8. No student will be allowed to postpone studies after commencement of an academic year except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies will be considered after producing satisfactory evidence of the reasons for postponement.



  1. A candidate shall be registered after paying college fees. For first year candidates, registration will be done after verification original certificates.
  2. A Candidate shall be registered using three full names and hence all initials that appear in O/A- Level and other certificates shall need to be spelt out during registration.
  3. No candidate shall be using less than three names unless certificates of primary and secondary schools and other institutions bear only two names.
  4. In case differences in names exist between O/A – Level and certificates from either other institutions the candidate shall be required to submit a registered deed poll as evidence of legal approval of the change of names. If such evidence will not be provided the candidate will not be registered for studies.
  5. A candidate wishing to change diploma or certificate course should report his/her intention in writing to the Director of Studies explaining reasons for that change and the DP - AR will check out availability of and make decision.
  6. Candidates in each semester shall be required to register within three weeks from the date of starting new semester.